The duo Siempre Nuevo was founded in October 2007 by young Czech guitarists Matěj Freml (*1982) and Patrick Vacík (*1984) during their studies at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar, Germany. Since then they were invited to concerts and festivals not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Their recitals brought them to countries just as China, Perú, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other European countries.

Besides their solo career the two guitarists set up different projects such as Guitarra Cantante with mezzosoprano Eva Garajová, European melodies with soprano Markéta Fassati and 4+2 with Epoque Quartet, one of the most famous Czech string quartets nowadays.

Siempre Nuevo plays original compositions as well as adaptations for two guitars. Their repertoire includes an equal measure of works of the renaissance, baroque and classical period right up to compositions of the romantic and contemporary periods. This diversity and the fresh, expressive interpretations often were subject of praise from audiences and critics:



(…) The acoustics of the recording managed to capture all the sound colours that are characteristic of this instrument and of the particular compositions. The guitars sound spatial and, when taken at close range, have a good punch and a wide dynamic range. Matěj Freml and Patrick Vacík effortlessly confirmed that they belong to technically and musically perfect players. The fact that they have included classic pieces for guitar duo and interspersed them with newer works is only a plus. (…) It is clear beyond the sun that the Siempre Nuevo duo has indulged in this fifteenth anniversary of the ensemble not out of inertia, but out of joy and for the pleasure of all admirers of this beautiful instrument. (…)

(Český rozhlas, 3 May 2022)


“The czech guitarists […] have proven international calibre with their interpretations of Granados and Piazzolla.”
(Thüringer Allgemeine, September 2009)


“Delicate and intensive:
duo Siempre Nuevo. […] Matěj Freml and Patrick Vacík are both – each in his own way – musicians par excellence.”
(Cuxhavener Nachrichten, 1. September 2009)