The duo was founded in October 2007 by young Czech guitarists Matěj Freml (*1982) and Patrick Vacík (*1984). At that time they were studying together at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar, Germany, where they also received their first chamber music lessons with Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering and Prof. Mathis Christoph.

In May 2008 the young musicians won their first duo-competition in Gorizia, Italy, whereupon they were invited to play at a duo-recital at the “summer music festival” in Grado, Italy. Other invitations followed, including concerts in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. The important step forward was the offer for the duo to give a recital at the Shanghai Music fair 2010 followed by the other concert tours including masterclasses to China (Qingdao, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Guangzhou, etc.) for Martinez Company.

Since 2012 the duo Siempre Nuevo has been cooperating with a Czech mezzosoprano Barbora Polášková. Due to this cooperation new transcriptions for two guitars and voice came and are still coming into existence. The very first performances of this instruments – voice combination were positively accepted by the public, which is also proved by the growing demand for the performed repertoire. In 2017 their new CD Guitarra Cantante was released.

A brand new project “4+2” has started in 2017 with Epoque Quartet, one of the most famous Czech string quartets nowadays. Contemporary composers have been involved in building up a complete program of new compositions in the style between jazz, tango and modern classical music. The first performances will take place in Prague at the beginning of February.

Siempre Nuevo plays original compositions as well as adaptations for two guitars. Their repertoire includes an equal measure of works of the renaissance, baroque and classical period right up to compositions of the romantic and contemporary periods. Both musicians increasingly use historical instruments, which give the older pieces, especially classical pieces, a unique, authentic sound. This diversity and the fresh, expressive interpretations often were subject of praise from audiences and critics:


“The czech guitarists […] have proven international calibre with their interpretations of Granados and Piazzolla.”
(Thüringer Allgemeine, September 2009)


“Delicate and intensive:
duo Siempre Nuevo. […] Matěj Freml and Patrick Vacík are both – each in his own way – musicians par excellence.”
(Cuxhavener Nachrichten, 1. September 2009)